Preston ‘World Champion’ Tip & Butt Protectors

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The tip and butt of your rod are the most easily damaged parts. Whether you’re storing your rods in your tackle shed (or spare room…), or taking them over a rough, bumpy bank on a barrow, you won’t be getting much fishing done if you unpack your rods to find they’ve been damaged.  And, in match fishing particularly, finding out your core tackle isn’t in prime fishing condition is a disaster. To avoid this happening to you, make sure your rods are protected with good quality tip and butt protectors. Designed with match tackle in mind, the Preston World Champion Tip and Butt Protectors give you branded tip and butt protectors, featuring two neoprene pockets, a neoprene wrap, and an elasticated strap, that keep your rods perfectly protected in storage and in transit.

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