Pike Pro Oil & Air Kit

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Injecting deadbaits with air gives them sufficient buoyancy to be used in rigs that keep them off the bottom, above weed and debris. Dead coarse fish are best for this purpose. Baits can also be made more attractive to predators by adding oils and flavourings using the larger needle included.
The PikePro Oil & Air Kit is a handy kit that is an essential tool for every deadbaiter. The high capacity syringe is supplied with two needles, a fine bore one for injecting air and a large bore needle for injecting viscous oils. Supplied in its own carry tube. Carefully fix the correct needle to the syringe and fill with air or winterised oil. Inject air into the body cavity of the deadbait until it the required level of buoyancy is achieved. For oil we recommend injecting just under the deadbaits skin to maximise leak-off.

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