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The Mitchell Reel, updated here for the 300 and new 308 models, continues this fine pedigree. It sports a new Bail-Halo rotor design, which increases rotor strength and prevents the bail arms from rubbing the spool under heavy loads. It also works to prevent line from getting under and being trapped by the spool. A classic design, now made even better. The smooth and light feel experienced when operating the Mitchell Reel can be sourced to the inclusion of 5 + 1 high-performance ball bearings and a multi-disc drag system which provides consistency when playing hooked fish. The previously prominent drag knob has now been recessed for a low-profile look while retaining its easy-to-use nature. The low weight of this reel is achieved in part by an aluminium handle and spool which have been double-anodised for a long life working in the water. The 300 version can hold 320m of 0.25mm line which you can retrieve at a rate of 0.67m per turn. The 308 model can hold 220m of line but will pull back in at a greater rate of 0.77m per turn, allowing you to make a choice between line retrieval and line capacity with the same design.

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